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Brand Deshaj, is a visionary project to generate livelihood, self-sustainability and financial growth for the rural artisans of India. The aim is also to revive and capitalise the diversified richness of Indian art, craft and cultural heritage through Deshaj.

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Deshaj was born with an organic thought of empowering artisans through their work. Our apparels are handmade mostly with natural colours. Different motifs used on the clothes brings authentic touch to it. Our major emphasis lies on embracing the vintage look on the palette of sustainable fashion. The distinct touch of comfort makes these dresses more yearning. The airy designs and perfect stitches makes them worthy of wearing anywhere anytime. Our designer apparels portrays the true amalgamation of ethnicity and vogue.

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One of our most authentic section brings forth the finest weaves across the country. From lightweight chanderi cotton to airy handloom rules this section. These traditional hand woven fabrics upholds the rich cultural heritage of India. Exquisite designer sarees brings a fresh look to our regular fashion sense. This fusion of authentic look and contemporary designs brings a classy look to these sarees.

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At Lifestyle, you can find all your favourite products with unique designs. Lifestyle crafts is committed to providing innovative products that inspire and enable your crafting lifestyle. From bed linen to home decor and everything in between. Lifestyle Crafts make it easy to add a little "handmade" to your life.

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The beauty of fabric jewellery is truly unsurpassed. These lightweight ethnic jewelleries are new trend in eco-fashion. These traditional handmade jewellery adds a perfect finishing to any sustainable look. The indigenous fabric used for making of the accessories are taken from the clothes left behind with the idea of recycling being taken into consideration.

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Tales to tale.. Out there we come across thousands of strangers in our daily life. We come across new faces, faces that holds stories and tales. Tales of love, tales of struggle, tales that bring tears, tales that holds lesson. Deshaj is not a brand born out of thin air one day, it imbibes in it a number of tales. There are a number of faces that holds these stories. Let's hear those tales today... Tales where a very ordinary girl from the interiors of Bengal becomes extraordinarily trained in designer stitches. A fairy tale where tribal girls like Chandana, Madhumita, Shrabani becomes Master Tailors from some daily labours(who remained unpaid half of the time). A world where mistakes are allowed, weaknesses are treated with tender kindness. Deshaj tells the journey of Putul and Malati, those submissive tribal women who kept on being abused by their husband everyday, become skilled in making designer dresses today. Earning for kids and herself. Living her life on her own terms with full of dignity. The journey of a ordinary girl like Sagori is quite an inspiration. Her perseverance and strength is something aspirational. Her journey of becoming a Production Manager and becoming well equipped to accompany us in different cities is something to look up to. Our Master Ji, a very ordinary tailor from the nearby village who stitched ready made garments from his home finds himself lucky to be a part of the team from very beginning. Today, he is managing the whole in unit with his special tailoring. We know that this is a small world, may sound hypothetical to some. Out there, there are thousands of Maku, Malati still being suffered. But a change takes time to take its form. We are just a lil push...

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